Hand cleaner yellow 10 liter

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    Hand cleaner yellow

    Powerful citrus hand cleaner for removing heavy duty industrial soiling. A highly effective hand cleaner formulated with skin-friendly abrasives and natural ingredients. Ideally suitable for removing stubborn soiling like grease, tar, ink, adhesive and paint. Excellent skin reconditioning performance. Fresh citrus scent from natural ingredients.

    - content = 10 liter
    - pH-value = 9

    Rub a small amount of hand cleaner into dry hands until dirt loosens. Rinse with clean water or remove with a towel or wipe. Dry the hands thoroughly. Keep package well closed, and store under cool but frost-free temperatures.

    Product Dimensions:
    Product Length 295 mm
    Product Width 295 mm
    Product Height 245 mm
    Product Weight 10.77 Kg
    Package Dimensions:
    Package Length 295 mm
    Package Width 295 mm
    Package Height 245 mm
    Package Weight 10.77 Kg