Pneumatic brake bleeding set 20 pieces [XP6L] Pneumatic brake bleeding set 20 pieces
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Brake bleeder kit / pneumatic brake bleeder kit

This brake bleeding set is suitable for bleeding brake and clutch systems of vehicles with an ABS system. The bleeder uses a standard air supply of 10 to 40 psi to efficiently flush and replenish the braking system on most vehicles. The low pressure tank can be pre-filled with compressed air, making the unit completely portable.
The set comes with a number of different European, Japanese and American adapters.


  • tank capacity = 5L

  • min. working pressure = 0,7bar / 10psi

  • max. working pressure = 2,7bar / 40psi

  • air consumption = 127L/min


  • 1x tank with pressure gauge

  • 1x collection bottle

  • 1x fluid hose with quick coupling

  • 17 piece adapter set

Équipement d'atelier / Automobile / Automobile XPTools XP6L 8720028091812
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