Mobile oil absorption unit

Équipement d'atelier / Appareils de nettoyage / Unités d'absorption d'huile. Marque : Ecowave Ecowave

Code produit : OCB100

EAN : 8720028092741

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    Absorbent recycler / mobile oil absorption cart / absorption tray

    The Ecowave OCB100 mobile oil absorption unit is the solution for all kinds of dirt on the floor in, for example, the workshop or garage. The mobile unit has everything you need to clean up oil and grease in particular.

    The Ecowave absorb works on the basis of a strong absorbent Fibercan + that must be distributed over the polluted area. The absorbent then almost immediately absorbs the oil (or other substance) and converts it into coarse grains. By sweeping up the granules and placing them in the container with filter, the absorbent is easily separated from the coarse granules. The absorbent can hereby be reused and the remnants of the contaminated substance can be shaken into the waste bin.

    The absorption unit also has the following strong features:

    • Tiltable container for absorbent

    • Filter system to separate the pollutant from the reusable. Unit is easy to shove, causing vibration

    • Removable contaminated waste bin. Easy to transfer from the filter system

    • Very mobile because of the 2 PU swivel wheels and 2 large rubber wheels

    • Broom including holder

    • Tin including magnetic holder

    • Convenient plastic handle with extra storage space for aerosol cans etc.

    • Extra large storage space at the bottom of the unit

    Traditional absorbents are impractical, high in consumption and produce a lot of waste. With the use of the Ecowave absorb in combination with the Fibercan+ absorbent, all these negative properties are solved.

    Technical specifications:

    • dimensions of the filter tray = 350 x 225mm

    • filter opening percentage = 58%

    • size of the openings in the filter = 4mm

    • material = MDPE

    • storage tank capacity = 45L

    • content waste bin = 18L

    • dimensions storage space at the bottom = 395 x 196 x 520mm

    Dimensions du produit :
    Longueur du produit 796 mm
    Largeur du produit 600 mm
    Hauteur du produit 1 119 mm
    Poids du produit 27,5 Kg
    Dimensions de l'emballage :
    Longueur du paquet 780 mm
    Largeur du paquet 610 mm
    Hauteur du paquet 1 120 mm
    Poids du Colis 36,50 Kg
    Package Type:
    1 Pcs

    • Environmentally friendly and cost effective

    • Ergonomic filter system

    • Very efficient to use

    • Direct absorption

    • Reusable until saturation

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