Biological parts washer 100 liters

Équipement d'atelier / Appareils de nettoyage / Bains de dégraissage biologiques Marque : Ecowave Ecowave

Code produit : PWB100

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    Parts cleaner / parts washer / mobile biological degreaser / sink / degreasing fountain

      The Ecowave PWB100 professional parts washer cleans parts without chemicals, protecting both the user and the environment.
      This new generation of parts cleaner works with a cleaning solution based on a natural regeneration, in which oxygen and micro-organisms are used to destroy pollutants. This process ensures cost effective and efficient maintenance.
      The cleaner is particularly suitable for cleaning / degreasing parts that are contaminated with grease, oil and other residues.

      The PWB100 Ecowave clean is the most comprehensive parts washer. With a capacity of 100 liters, the clearner is suitable for the larger parts. The cleaner also has 2 swivel wheels with brakes and 2 fixed wheels, making it easy to move.
      The parts washer is equipped with a large integrated soaking tray. Here you can put a part to soak for a longer period of time.

      The parts cleaner also has the following strong features:

      • High working capacity

      • Ergonomic design

      • Hermetic lid: limits evaporation of the solution

      • Large soaking area

      • Tap with flexible hose

      • Powerful degreaser brush

      • Easy to maintain

      • Eco mode: minimizes power consumption

      • Boost mode: increases temperature and degreasing ability

      • Intelligent display

      Technical specifications:

      • tank capacity = 60 - 100L

      • soaking area = 31L

      • working area dimensions = 790 x 420 x 180mm

      • pump flow = 1140L/hour

      • heating power = 1kW

      • electric consumption = 170W / hour (eco mode 12h/day; reduction of 25%)

      • load capacity = 100kg

      • standard temperature = 38 degrees Celsius (boost mode: 43 degrees Celsius; +50% for cleaning performance)

      • composition = PE

      • tool holder = interchangeable brush

      • stainless steel filtration = 700µm

      • power supply = 230V

      Dimensions du produit :
      Longueur du produit 920 mm
      Largeur du produit 680 mm
      Hauteur du produit 1 120 mm
      Poids du produit 45,0 Kg
      Dimensions de l'emballage :
      Longueur du paquet 700 mm
      Largeur du paquet 950 mm
      Hauteur du paquet 1 200 mm
      Poids du Colis 46,00 Kg
      Package Type:
      1 Pcs

      • Environmentally friendly, optimal cleaning process

      • Cost effective compared to standard parts washers

      • Very large working surface

      • Ergonomic design

      • Drain system, no waste production