Ecowave is a progressive and innovative brand in the field of environmentally friendly cleaning devices. Ecowave's equipment is very practical and uses biological solvents that produce little waste.
The devices also meet today's requirements in terms of: performance, health, safety and are environmentally conscious.
For example, the Ecowave Move and Clean biological parts washers have the latest cleaning technology, parts are cleaned without chemicals. This new generation of parts cleaner works with a cleaning solution based on a natural regeneration, in which oxygen and micro-organisms are used to destroy pollutants. This process ensures cost effective and efficient maintenance.
The Ecowave Absorb is a mobile oil absorption unit that works on the basis of a strong and reusable absorbent Fibercan +. The mobile unit has everything you need to clean up oil and grease in particular.
Ecowave continues to develop and will mainly look for solutions in the field of energy saving, durability, functionality and ergonomics.
The great functionality and strong appearance in combination with the environmentally conscious aspect makes the Ecowave appliances the solutions of the spansent and of the future.