Universal UV leak detection for R134a & HFO1234yf

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    Universal UV leak detection

    • SAE certified for R134a and HFO1234yf A/C systems

    • Safe for hybrid and electric A/C systems

    • Detectable when exposed to any U/V light

    • Compatible with all lubricants

    • Miscible with PAG, ester and mineral oil

    • Does not contain solvents

    • Will not harm A/C systems or recovery equipment

    • Anti-wear agents ensure a higher efficiency of the compressor and the A/C system. Compressor wear is also reduced.

    • Anti-oxidants protect the system against formation of sludge and other deposits which can shorten the life of the compressor and reduce efficiency

    • Use 7,5ml per vehicle

    • Total content = 237ml

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