Reducing valve argon mixed gas CO2 230 bar

Welding and cutting equipment / Accessories Brand: Mestriner Mestriner

Product Code: 25500S

EAN: 8720028093656

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    Gas regulator / pressure regulator for gas cylinder

    This Mestriner gas reducer is of high European quality and meets the ISO2503 safety standard. The large solid flow chamber allows the regulator to deliver a large gas flow and an output pressure of 5 bar.

    Extremely suitable for advanced MIG & TIG machines.

    The pressure reducing valve is equipped with 2 pressure gauges and the gas flow can be very accurately controlled and read with an accuracy of 0-20L / min.

    • max. inlet pressure = 230 bar

    • max.output pressure = 5 bar

    • flow capacity = 1.5m³/h

    • scale division flow meter = 0 - 20L/min

    • connection inlet = 24.32mm internal thread

    • connection outlet = 6.3 and 8,3mm hose connector

    Product Dimensions:
    Product Length 195 mm
    Product Width 69 mm
    Product Height 200 mm
    Product Weight 1.39 Kg
    Package Dimensions:
    Package Length 228 mm
    Package Width 235 mm
    Package Height 82 mm
    Package Weight 1.57 Kg

    • Made in Italy

    • Accurate display

    • ISO2503

    • Extremely suitable for advanced MIG & TIG machines