Reducing compact valve argon mixed gas CO2 230 bar

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    Gas regulator / pressure regulator for gas cylinder

    This Mestriner gas reducer is of high European quality and meets the ISO2503 safety standard. Thanks to its compact design, this reducer is easy to apply to any cylinder and also in any space.

    The pressure reducing valve is equipped with 2 pressure gauges and the gas flow can be very accurately controlled and read with an accuracy of 0-20L / min.

    • max. inlet pressure = 230 bar

    • max.output pressure = 4 bar

    • flow capacity = 1.5m³/h

    • scale division flow meter = 0 - 20L/min

    • connection inlet = 24.32mm internal thread

    • connection outlet = 6.3mm and 8,3mm hose connector

    Product Dimensions:
    Product Length 111 mm
    Product Width 105 mm
    Product Height 127 mm
    Product Weight 0.49 Kg
    Package Dimensions:
    Package Length 135 mm
    Package Width 118 mm
    Package Height 128 mm
    Package Weight 0.57 Kg

    • Both 6.3mm and 8.3mm hose connection

    • Made in Italy

    • Accurate display

    • ISO2503