Pneumatic grinding tool long

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    This ZionAir long grinder on air has a long handle, making the machine suitable for hard-to-reach places.
    The grinding tool is used for grinding pipes, bolts and nuts, among other things.


    • disc diameter = 76mm

    • free speed = 18000rpm

    • average air consumption = 85L/min

    • air inlet = 1/4" (male connector included)

    • working pressure = 6,3 bar

    The specified air consumption is indicated at a pressure of 6,3 bar.
    The air output at compressors is measured at ambient pressure, so these 2 values cannot be compared with each other.
    If you need advise, consult one of our experts.

    Product Dimensions:
    Product Length 0 mm
    Product Width 0 mm
    Product Height 0 mm
    Product Weight 0.8 Kg
    Package Dimensions:
    Package Length 300 mm
    Package Width 90 mm
    Package Height 70 mm
    Package Weight 0.94 Kg
    Package Type:
    1 Pcs

    • Compact design

    • ABS lightweight

    • 5 year warranty