Air conditioning service machine HFO1234YF

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    air conditioning service machine / diagnosis station / service unit / air conditioning filling station / automotive air conditioner service station

    Compact, economic, and modern model ACVA500HFO from Ecotechnics is a solid and very user-friendly air conditioning filling station which is suitable for HFO refrigerants.
    The operation of the service unit allows you to completely avoid the typical "emissions" (dispersion) of refrigerant gas into the environment, which is released at the end of a normal refueling of the car's cooling system, when the charging hoses are removed from this system.
    The machine recovers almost 100% of the refrigerant and checks the air conditioning system for leaks. Diagnosis station equipment automatic leak testing system: check for leaks during the vacuum phase. If leaks are found, it interrupts operation and gives an alarm.
    Air conditioning filling station equipped with hermetic cartridges offer the advantage of eliminating contact between the humidity naturally present in ambient air and the oil or dye, which are hydroscopic substances (that is, substances that easily absorb humidity).
    Oil management both with standard refillable containers and with hermetic cartridges.
    The machine has a fully automatic mode and can be put into manual mode in cases of diagnosis, where each phase can be performed one by one.
    Thanks to its extremely compact size, the ACVA500 HFO is very suitable for use in mobile workshops, work buses etc.

    The machine is equipped with:

    • Freon charging transfer kit
    • 3m hose package with quick couplings
    • Integrated Data Base Car-Truck-Agri
    • Integrated vacuum pump 51 lt/min
    • Thermal Printer for a complete detailed report.


    • Fully automatic service
    • Electronic oil scale
    • il type change function
    • Refillable standard containers for oil and dye
    • Automatic Leak Testing
    • Energy-saving with 12-volt solenoid valve technology
    • C.A.R.Method
    • Ventilated
    • Refillable standard containers
    • Made in Italy

    Technical specifications:

    • Voltage = 220-240V 50/60 Hz
    • Type of refrigerant = HFO1234YF
    • Service valves = Manual
    • Non condensable gas purge = Manual
    • Hoses = 3 m
    • Capacity vacuum pump = 51 L/min
    • Vacuum level = 0.2 Mbar
    • Sealed compressor = 1/3 HP
    • Recovery speed = 300 g/min in liquid phase
    • Tank Scale resolution = 10 g
    • Working temperature range = 11/49°C
    • Filter system = 1 filter for humidity
    • Refrigerant tank = 12 liters refillable
    Product Dimensions:
    Product Length 600 mm
    Product Width 470 mm
    Product Height 980 mm
    Product Weight 60.0 Kg
    Package Dimensions:
    Package Length 600 mm
    Package Width 470 mm
    Package Height 980 mm
    Package Weight 60.00 Kg

    • Fully automatic service
    • Database for Car/truck and Agricultural
    • Made in Italy
    • Includes gas
    • With receipt printer