Pneumatic angle grinder 125mm

Brand: ZionAir

Product Code: AG5X

EAN: 8720028092154

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    Angle grinder on air / grinder

    This ZionAir pneumatic grinder is extremely suitable for professional use due to its sturdy design. The outlet of the air is at the front instead of towards the user. Due to its compact and ergonomic design, the sharpener can easily maneuver itself in hard to reach places. The machine is also equipped with a solid handle.

    Technical specifications:

    • diameter disc = 125mm

    • free speed = 11000rpm

    • average air consumption = 227L/min

    • air inlet = 1/4" (male connector included)

    • working pressure = 6,3 bar

    • recommended air hose = 10mm inside diameter (3/8")

    The specified air consumption is indicated at a pressure of 6,3 bar.

    The air output at compressors is measured at ambient pressure, so these 2 values cannot be compared with each other.

    If you need advise, consult one of our experts.

    Product Dimensions:
    Product Length 290 mm
    Product Width 140 mm
    Product Height 100 mm
    Product Weight 2.1 Kg
    Package Dimensions:
    Package Length 265 mm
    Package Width 140 mm
    Package Height 90 mm
    Package Weight 2.30 Kg

    • High speed of 11.000rpm

    • Adjustable speed

    • ABS shock resistant housing

    • 5 years warranty

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