Battery start booster 12 - 24V

[BCP1224V] Battery start booster 12 - 24V

4x4 / Jump start Brand: Fluxon Fluxon

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Start booster / battery booster / start aid / jump starter

This professional Fluxon 12/24V battery starter booster is very suitable for starting cars, trucks, motorcycles, tractors and small boats. The powerful starter booster is very resistant and therefore suitable for all professional interventions and repairs. The booster is protected against short circuit and polarity reversal, the booster is protected against peak points and the electronics of the vehicle are protected. 
The weight has been reduced to a maximum, which is why the booster can also be used as a portable energy source.
Furthermore, the booster starts both petrol and diesel engines and the device checks the capacity of the vehicles alternator.

Each battery starter booster is standard equipped with a self-regulating charger (230V), durable high quality insulated battery clamps and ABS shockproof housing.


  • voltage = 12V / 24V

  • battery = 2x 22Ah AGM lead/acid battery

  • starting current = 2000A

  • peak current = 6200A / 3100A

  • output voltage = 12V / 1,5A

  • exciting current unloaded = 50mA max

  • exciting current loaded = 90mA max

  • output voltage DC = 24V

  • output current = 2000mA

  • output voltage unloaded DC = 14,6 - 15,0V

  • cable length = 1400mm

  • cable diameter = 25mm²

Product Dimensions:
Product Length 0 mm
Product Width 0 mm
Product Height 0 mm
Product Weight 19.8 Kg
Package Dimensions:
Package Length 370 mm
Package Width 245 mm
Package Height 620 mm
Package Weight 20.44 Kg
Package Type:
1 Pcs

  • 12 / 24V

  • ABS shockproof housing

  • Heavy insulated battery clamps

  • Compact design, ideal for on the go

  • Starts both petrol and diesel engines