Single post lift 2500kg Cascos [13167] Single post lift 2500kg Cascos
mm mm mm Kg

One pole lift / spindle lift / car lift

Cascos car lifts are from 100% European production. Cascos has more than 50 years of experience in vehicle lifts, which results in a very reliable and extremely strong end product.
At Cascos lifts, three key words are central, namely: Reliability, functionality and safety.

The robust construction of the lifts and the high quality of the components ensure high reliabilty and low maintenance costs. Due to the complete symmetry, the vehicle can be placed in any direction. This in combination with the extendable arms ensures that maximum load is possible in every position.
The robust columns, the steel bearings, but especially the safety nuts ensure a very high safety.

Furthermore, the Cascos two pole lifts have a number of very thoughtful features:

  • SlenderTec solid columns: Very robust, 10 to 23mm thick.

  • Extendable symmetrical arms: Lifts have been developed to withstand the maximum load at any angle and all lengths.

  • Large spindle diameter: 45mm, the largest spindle on the market. Provides less friction and therefore less wear on the working nut. Less lubrication is required.

  • Steel bearings: Less wear and compared to nylon systems because they last longer. They also provide support for the columns.

  • Safety nuts: Extra sturdy for lifts with a capacity up to 5500kg.

This professional single post lift has a particularly strong and solid column and a solid base. This makes the lift suitable for all types of mechanical, body, paint and maintenance jobs. Due to its compact design, the single post lift is ideal for small garages and workshops with maximum versatility.

The lift has the following features:

  • Single motor: 3-phase, 400V

  • Electromagnetic operation

  • Stable, sturdy base

  • Symmetrical arms: 4 arms that extend 2 time

  • Rubber protectors for opening doors

  • Protection of the spindle that prevends the operator from getting durty by touching the column


  • capacity = 2500kg

  • voltage = 400V / 3-fase

  • motor power = 3kW

  • minimum height = 125mm

  • maximum height = 1990mm

  • lifting time = 45 seconds

  • distance between the columns = 2640mm

  • height of the columns = 2435mm

  • range of front double arms = 582 - 785mm

  • range of rear double arms = 700 - 980mm

  • total weight = 600kg

Lifts / 1 Post lifts Cascos 13167 8720028088386
€ 4,658.50 Incl. VAT
€ 4,658.50 4658.5 EUR
1 post lift 2500kg mobile [VL25F1] 1 post lift 2500kg mobile
mm mm mm Kg

Mobile single post lift

This Falco Sollevatori single post lift is of high quality and extremely suitable for professional use. The lift is thanks to its stable and solid design easy to place on a level surface and installation is not required due to the sturdy construction.
Every lift comes with a set of wheels, allowing to move the lift easily and use the workplace optimally.
Thanks to its unique design the lift is provided with the following standard features:

  • min. lift height of 90mm

  • in height adjustable lifting pads with double thread

  • automatic arm lock

  • telescopic extendable lifting arms

  • automatic detent

  • protective cap on the inside of the column

  • transparent oil reservoir incl. oil level

  • robust column manufactured from rolled steel

  • hydraulic cylinder, no need to use a compressor / compressed air connection

  • foot protection

  • dead man's switch for lifting and lowering

  • shutdown when reached highest position

  • english instruction manual incl. maintenance protocol and CE certificate 2006/42/EG

  • meets the NEN-EN1493 safety standards

Lifts / 1 Post lifts Falco Sollevatori VL25F1 8720028070459
€ 3,569.50 Incl. VAT
€ 3,569.50 3569.5 EUR