Lift transporters 1800kg [MF180HW] Lift transporters 1800kg
mm mm mm Kg

These Mammuth lift transporters are extremely suitable for moving heavy, large objects such as machines and furniture.
The transporters are easy to operate seperately from each other using the bottle jacks. The objects to be moved are secured with the supplied cargo lashings.

  • load capacity = 1800kg

  • lifting height = 250mm

  • lifting plate = 600 x 60mm

  • wheel polyurethane = 150mm

Price is for a set of 2 pcs!

Logistics / Furniture mover Mammuth MF180HW 8720028000586
€ 635.25 Incl. VAT
€ 635.25 635.25 EUR
Furniture mover set 600kg [MF060HW] Furniture mover set 600kg
mm mm mm Kg

lift transporters / furniture movers / hand-operated trolley 
This Mammuth hand trolley set is extremely suitable for moving and installing heavy furniture and equipment.
Hand-operated trolley equipped winch handle geared mechanism.
Four swivel castors with roller bearings with non marking poly wheels suitable for carpet floors.
The transporters are easy to operate separately from each other. The objects to be moved are secured with the supplied ratchet straps (or cargo lashings) and can be easily and safely handled by two people.
Set includes two transport units with built-in securing straps.
Technical specifications:

  • Load capacity = 600kg
  • Lifting height = 410mm
  • Lifting plate size = 225x120mm
  • Wheel polyurethane = 150mm
  • Incl. set cargo lashing = 5m
Logistics / Furniture mover Mammuth MF060HW 8720028075591
€ 484.00 Incl. VAT
€ 484.00 484.0 EUR