Stacker electric 1500kg 115cm [PS15E] Stacker electric 1500kg 115cm
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With a lifting capacity of 1500kg, fork length 115cm and a maximum lifting height of 3.5m, this Mammuth stacker  is perfect for warehouses, factories, and other industrial settings. 

Electric stacker has a variable speed control system for lifting and lowering which ensures smooth up and down movement of the stacker, precise response to adjustable lifting and lowering speeds, minimizing mechanical shock and vibration.
Automatic lowering speed descent with soft buffering when the fork height is lowered to around 10cm from the ground, effectively protects the safety of the cargo.
Multifunctional intelligent tiller handle provides quick fault diagnosis, enabling an easier service, shorter service time and lowered labor costs. The steering angle is designed to be above 180 degrees.
Operators are ableable to choose different speed modes based on their experience and the specific work environment.
For added safety, the stacker is equipped with an electromagnetic brake type, ensuring secure stops and preventing accidents.

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