Kinkoil cutting fluid 5L [7650030] Kinkoil cutting fluid 5L
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Cooling oil / coolant

This Kinkoil cutting fluid is very suitable for various applications including sawing, drilling and tapping.
The cooling oil has the following strengths:
- prevention of galling
- optimal machining
- rust protection
- economical in use
- lifetime increasing

Mixing ratio:
- sawing = 1:20
- drilling = 1:20
- tap and die = 1:15
- milling = 1:20
- turning = 1:20

Shop equipment / Fluid distribution / Coolants 7650030 8720028083411
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Water mixable cooling lubricant 1L [OKSV520] Water mixable cooling lubricant 1L
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Water mixable cooling lubricant

Water mixable cooling lubricant specially suited for Cowley equipment. On the basis of mineral oil.
Suitable for all machining operations, chlorine and nitride free.
Good protection against corrosion.
Biostability and skin friendly.

Add the cooling lubricant to the right amount of wate and keep stirring when mixing.
Mixing ratio = 1:20 (5%)

Shop equipment / Fluid distribution / Coolants Cowley OKSV520 8720028045396
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Coolant welding equipment 10L [PGL3070] Coolant welding equipment 10L
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This Soldatech coolant protects welding and cutting torches from clogging the cooling channels by preventing electrolytic corrosion in the cooling channels thanks to its extremely low electrical conductivity.

The coolant can provide the welding circuit without frost up to -15 degrees.

  • content = 10L

Shop equipment / Fluid distribution / Coolants Soldatech PGL3070 8720028096213
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