Tyre regroover Truckstar plus


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    Tyre regroover Truckstar plus

    including a FREE box of 20pcs R3 cutting blades and a blade clamping spanner

    - power = 500W
    - integrated keys to the front and more powerfull 500w transformer for a better blade slipping in the rubber
    - most sophisticated, heating regulation at close 1%
    - economic tools, stand-by mode when not in use

    - handle is ergnomic and comfortable
    - every size of blade can be fitted on the cutting head in one easy operation, the clamps are spring loaded.
    - the hood protects from dust and sand
    - for better security the power cables are only in 1,5V

    Product Dimensions:
    Product Length 165 mm
    Product Width 160 mm
    Product Height 110 mm
    Product Weight 4.46 Kg
    Package Dimensions:
    Package Length 230 mm
    Package Width 205 mm
    Package Height 220 mm
    Package Weight 5.94 Kg