Rubber Jack Saddle For 2T Jack Stand

Lifting and hoisting tools / Garage jacks and jack stands / Jack stands Brand: Mammuth Mammuth

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    Jack Stand Pad / Rubber Jack Pad Adapter / Rubber adapter for Jack Stand
    The Rubber Jack Saddle from Mammuth is used to prevent damage to the underside of the bodywork, scratches and other damage to the car. This adapter will not damage the jacking point.
    Jack Pad Adapter made of heavy duty construction rubber, with max. load capacity of 3 tonnes for more cushion and pleat resistance.
    Jack stand pad is designed to be sturdy enough to support your lift point, while being soft enough to prevent compressive welding seams and frame rails from bending or breaking when jacking up your car.
    No more damage to compression, paint or metal!
    The jack adapter fits most jacks and vehicles and can work perfectly with jack stands such as Jack stands JS03 and JS06 from Mammuth etc.
    Include a set of 2 jack saddle pieces.


    • Material = rubber
    • Thickness = 50mm
    • Dimensions = 63 x 44 x 50mm
    Product Dimensions:
    Product Length 65 mm
    Product Width 45 mm
    Product Height 50 mm
    Product Weight 0.125 Kg
    Package Dimensions:
    Package Length 90 mm
    Package Width 60 mm
    Package Height 50 mm
    Package Weight 0.13 Kg

    • Prevents scratches and other damage to the car
    • Quick and easy car jack attachment
    • Universal application
    • For drawbridges and car jacks
    • Robust construction