Tyre Saver Set

Shop equipment / vehicle trolley Brand: Falco Sollevatori Falco Sollevatori

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    wheel savers / tyre savers

    With this tyre savers protect your tyres from flat spots. The wheel savers is suitable for cars, caravans, trailers or any other vehicle which will be stationary over long periods of time! Tyre savers were created to maintain tyres in good condition, car storage and saving the tyre life time and preventing hard bended rubber due to the round surface.
    The curved profile of tyre savers helps to distribute the load placed on the tyre over a wider footprint.
    Include a set of 2 wheel interlockable savers pieces.

    • Material = HDPE
    • Dimensions = 500 x 220 x 60mm
    Product Dimensions:
    Product Length 500 mm
    Product Width 220 mm
    Product Height 60 mm
    Product Weight 1.2 Kg
    Package Dimensions:
    Package Length 500 mm
    Package Width 230 mm
    Package Height 70 mm
    Package Weight 1.20 Kg

    • Prevents flat spots.
    • Interlockable for wide wheels
    • For use with caravans, trailers and other stationary vehicles