Switchable arrow welding magnet 30 - 50kg

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  • Degree angles
  • Adhesive force
  • Magnet type

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angle welding magnet / arrow magnet / angle fixing device magnetic / position holder magnetic / switch arrow welding magnet / welding magnet with on/off switch / on-off switch magnetic holder/ welder tool for clamping / arrow magnetic holder
This Soldatech welding magnet is the ideal tool to accurately weld corners, it sticks solidly and ensures hand free welding.
The switch arrow welding magnet is convenient to connect parts and greatly improve work safety, whether you are welding, soldering, assembling, marking off, or installing pipes.
Thanks to high-quality A-3 steel with a double-walled galvanized outer shell the magnet is extra powerful, durable and resistant to rust and corrosion.
The welding magnet is completely sealed so that no dirt or iron residues can reach the magnet for even higher durability.
Equipped with a centrally placed rotary switch, the magnet can easily be switched on and off and no iron residues will remain on the magnet when the magnet is off. The welding magnet also has 3 positions from powerful, very powerful and off.
The powerful magnetic angle welding tools support material at 45°, 90° and 135° for easy access and allow you to work with different angles while welding, assembly and marking work.

Product Dimensions:
Product Length 160 mm
Product Width 107 mm
Product Height 40 mm
Product Weight 0.821 Kg
Package Dimensions:
Package Length 181 mm
Package Width 147 mm
Package Height 45 mm
Package Weight 0.85 Kg
Package Type:
20 Pcs

  • A3 quality steel
  • Powerful neodymium magnet
  • On / off switchable
  • Double wall galvanized enclosure
  • Three angles 45°, 90°, 135°


Degree angles 45° / 90° / 135°
Adhesive force 30 - 50kg
Magnet type NdFeB Neodymium