Magnetic welding ground clamp 600A

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  • Max. current
  • Adhesive force
  • Magnet type

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rotary on/off knob grounding magnet / ground clamp magnetic
Easy operation with rotary on/off knob, Soldatech magnetic ground clamp can be turned on and off.
The welding process is accelerated by the ability to quickly place the ground clamp and can be used on both flat and round workpieces.
Tighten the ground clamp in a clean place with a quick turn and start welding.

Product Dimensions:
Product Length 95 mm
Product Width 55 mm
Product Height 60 mm
Product Weight 0.573 Kg
Package Dimensions:
Package Length 60 mm
Package Width 113 mm
Package Height 67 mm
Package Weight 0.60 Kg
Package Type:
30 Pcs

  • Powerful neodymium magnet
    Easy to use
  • Can be used on both flat and round workpieces
  • Stays clean by switching the magnet on and off
  • Compact design


Max. current 600A
Adhesive force 70kg
Magnet type NdFeB Neodymium