Compression tester set gasoline 3 pieces

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    Compression tester kit

    This tester set is suitable for quickly measuring cmopression loss in car and motorcycle. This way can be find out whether the vehicle's engine has internal defects, such as broken valves, worn piston rings or gaskets or an unnecessary amount of carbon.
    The set consists of a pressure gauge with a range of 0 - 20 bar (0 - 300psi), a flexible hose of +/- 45cm, a straight pressure tube with rubber conical connection.
    The pressure gauge is clearly legible, has 2 scales and has a vent valve. The straight pressure tube does not have to be turned and is therefore suitable for almost any motor.

    Product Dimensions:
    Product Length 325 mm
    Product Width 140 mm
    Product Height 40 mm
    Product Weight 0.7 Kg
    Package Dimensions:
    Package Length 325 mm
    Package Width 140 mm
    Package Height 40 mm
    Package Weight 0.70 Kg
    Package Type:
    20 Pcs