Hose clamp plier kit 9 pieces

Brand: XPTools

Product Code: XP09SKT

EAN: 8720028049585

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    Hose clamp pliers kit

    This hose clamp plier set is suitable for securing and loosening all kinds of hose clamps from 18 to 54mm. With the help of an extended hose, the hard to reach places are also accessible.
    It is possible to lock the pliers, so that both hands are free for other work. The pliers are also provided with an anti-slip handle for extra grip.


    • 1x Bowden hose clamp plier, controllable on distand

    • 1x hose clamp plier with "+" jaw

    • 1x hose clamp plier with "U" jaw

    • 1x hose clamp plier for wire spring clamps

    • 1x bent hose clamp plier for wire spring clamps

    • 1x hose clamp plier CLIC-R

    • 1x hose clamp plier for driving shaft

    • 1x straight flat screwdriver

    • 1x hook point screwdriver

    Product Dimensions:
    Product Length 485 mm
    Product Width 300 mm
    Product Height 90 mm
    Product Weight 3.2 Kg
    Package Dimensions:
    Package Length 485 mm
    Package Width 300 mm
    Package Height 90 mm
    Package Weight 3.20 Kg