Vacuum tester brake and bleeding kit 21 pieces

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    Vacuum tester brake and bleeding kit

    This set is suitable for checking the pressure and vacuum systems, but is also suitable for brake bleeding and testing under or over pressure valves.


    • 1 switchable hand pump, for both pumping and sucking

    • 11 universal adapters

    • 2 brake nipple adapters

    • 2x fluid reservoir

    • 2x long hose

    • 3x short hose

    Product Dimensions:
    Product Length 300 mm
    Product Width 260 mm
    Product Height 91 mm
    Product Weight 1.57 Kg
    Package Dimensions:
    Package Length 300 mm
    Package Width 260 mm
    Package Height 91 mm
    Package Weight 1.57 Kg
    Package Type:
    10 Pcs