Locking nut assortment 350 pieces

Brand: XPTools

Product Code: XP350PBA

EAN: 8720028053506

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    Plastic locking nut assortment


    - 30x nut clip for Mitsubishi

    - 20x nut clip for Toyota

    - 30x nut clip for Toyota and Nissan

    - 40x nut clip for Mazda and Nissan

    - 25x screw grommet for Mitsubishi

    - 40x screw nut for Ford

    - 30x nut clip for Toyota and Nissan

    - 40x headlight nut for Volkswagen and GM

    - 20x screw grommet for Toyota

    - 25x connecting clip for Mercedes

    - 25x screw clip for Renault

    - 25x screw grommet for Fiat

    Product Dimensions:
    Product Length 0 mm
    Product Width 0 mm
    Product Height 0 mm
    Product Weight 0.0 Kg
    Package Dimensions:
    Package Length 290 mm
    Package Width 190 mm
    Package Height 45 mm
    Package Weight 0.46 Kg