Pneumatic balloon jack 2 step 2 T

Brand: Mammuth

Product Code: ZHL22


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    This series of Mammuth air bellow jacks are increasingly being used instead of the standard pneumatic jack. The air bellow jack lifts faster, is more manageable and is easy to store upright.

    Thanks to its sophisticated design, this pneumatic balloon jack has te following useful features:

    • 2 sturdy bellows with a wall thickness of 7 - 7,5mm

    • weighs only 15kg, but is still very solid

    • safety overload valve

    • guide ring in cylinder for smooth working and durability

    • ergonomic automatic switch, ensures safe and easy operation

    • space saving

    • ideal for the workplace, but also on the road


    • capacity = 2T

    • minimum lifting height = 115mm

    • maximum lifting height without adapter = 345mm

    • maximum lifting height with adapter = 425mm

    • lifting height = 230mm

    • adapter = 80mm

    • working pressure = 7 - 10 bar

    Product Dimensions:
    Product Length 1,200 mm
    Product Width 225 mm
    Product Height 135 mm
    Product Weight 15.0 Kg
    Package Dimensions:
    Package Length 515 mm
    Package Width 280 mm
    Package Height 135 mm
    Package Weight 0.00 Kg

    • Lightweight jack of just 15kgs

    • Maximum lifting height of 425mm

    • Safety overload valve

    • Space saving