Electric tapping machine M6 - M24

Brand: Cowley

Product Code: TME24

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    Electric tapping machine / tapping arm

    This Cowley electric tapping machine is used for fast and accurate tapping of different types of materials. The machine can be used both horizontally and vertically. The speed is variable and adjustable, the cooling is nicely integrated in the housing and the machine has an internal memory for storing multiple programs.

    The tapping machine also has the following features:

    • HD Touchscreen for easy control in Dutch, English and French

    • PLC control

    • Self-lubricating bronze bushings for optimum flexibility

    • Wide tap range from M6 to M24

    • Dynamically adjustable tap depths

    • Integrated on/off button

    • Weightless operation thanks to gas springs

    • Powerful servo motor

    • Electrically adjustable torque

    • Adjustable input and output speed

    • Touchscreen with protective cover

    • Interchangeable tap heads with quick-release system

    Technical specifications:

    • power = 1,2kW

    • voltage = 230V

    • duty cycle = 100%

    • tap range = M6 to M24

    • max. speed = 200rpm

    • max. working radius = 1200mm

    The machine comes standard with:

    9x GT24 DIN tap holder with slip coupling (adjustable torque):

    • M5-6 (ø6.0mm / shank = 4.9mm)

    • M8 (ø8.0mm / shank  = 6.2mm)

    • M10 (ø10.0mm / shank = 8.0mm)

    • M12 (ø9.0mm / shank = 7.0mm)

    • M14 (ø11.0mm / shank = 9.0mm)

    • M16 (ø12.0mm / shank = 9.0mm)

    • M18 (ø14.0mm / shank = 11.0mm)

    • M20 (ø16.0mm / shank = 12.0mm)

    • M22-24 (ø18.0mm / shank = 14.5mm)

    PLEASE NOTE: The tap arm is supplied without a mobile base cabinet with a cast iron top. This is optionally available, see related products.

    Product Dimensions:
    Product Length 1,400 mm
    Product Width 200 mm
    Product Height 900 mm
    Product Weight 39.0 Kg
    Package Dimensions:
    Package Length 830 mm
    Package Width 745 mm
    Package Height 260 mm
    Package Weight 48.00 Kg

    • Self-lubricating bronze bushings

    • Easy control in Dutch, English and French

    • Wide tap range

    • Integrated on/off button

    • Dynamically adjustable tap depths

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