Kippbehälter EXPO 1000kg

Logistik / Kippbehälter Marke: Bauer Bauer

Produkt-Code: EXPO900

EAN: 8720028091188

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    This compact EXPO tilting container with rolling mechanism is very suitable for moving bulk goods, industrial waste and mass products using the forklift truck.


    • ideally situated loading centre of gravity

    • can be emptied at any height by using a cable, operated from the driver's seat

    • body wall with reinforced edging

    • sturdy frame with fork sleeves

    • secured to prevent slipping and unintentional emptying

    • wheels can be fitted later

    Technical specifications:

    • capacity = 1000kg

    • volume = approx. 0,90m³

    • dimensions = 1260 x 1570 x 835mm

    Produkt Abmessungen:
    Produkt Länge 1.260 mm
    Produkt Breite 1.570 mm
    Produkt Höhe 835 mm
    Produktgewicht 165,0 Kg
    Abmessungen der Verpackung:
    Paket Länge 1.260 mm
    Breite des Pakets 1.570 mm
    Paket Höhe 835 mm
    Gewicht des Pakets 165,00 Kg