Log splitter 35 tons with gasoline engine vertical

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    splitter / wood press/ log splitter / gasoline splitter / vertical splitter / wood splitter
    This gasoline engine powered log splitter from Woodcraft does not need an external power supply network and can therefore be used anywhere.
    With a pressing force of 35 tons and 25 cm long splitting blade, it is easy to split large logs up to 60 cm long.
    The splitter is very mobile and equipped with 2 sturdy support legs for extra stability, which make folding the splitter up and down a lot easier, and also ensures stability during splitting.
    Thanks to the foldable catch bracket, the split wood does not immediately fall to the ground. This also ensures that it is possible to split large diameter logs.
    The hydraulic cylinder is mounted on a dowel pin that allows the cylinder to slide during splitting, reducing the pressure on the cylinder rod. This makes it less sensitive to wear and leaks.
    Because the wood splitter is positioned vertically, it does not require much effort to slide large logs under it.
    This product complies with the new Nen standard 609-1/2017.
    ! Please note that this log splitter is for vertical use only!

    • Technical specifications:
    • capacity = 35 ton
    • cycle = 13.5 sec
    • hydraulic oil capacity = 24.6L (not included!)
    • max. diameter wood = 34.8 x 61cm
    • max. pressure = 248 bar (3600psi)
    • max. pump output = 15 gpm / 56.8L/min
    • wheel size = 16"
    • motor type = YM168F19
    • engine power = 11.5HP (306cc) / 3600 rpm
    • equipped with non-return valve
    • max. towing speed = 72 km/h
    Produkt Abmessungen:
    Produkt Länge 2.400 mm
    Produkt Breite 1.310 mm
    Produkt Höhe 1.250 mm
    Produktgewicht 330,0 Kg
    Abmessungen der Verpackung:
    Paket Länge 2.100 mm
    Breite des Pakets 600 mm
    Paket Höhe 830 mm
    Gewicht des Pakets 377,00 Kg

    • 35 ton capacity
    • Stamping legs
    • Sprung axle
    • Suitable for large logs of wood
    • Complies with Nen 609-1/2017