Wagenheber Gummiauflage für Tesla

Hub- und Zuggeräte / Wagenheber und Unterstellböcke / Gummiauflage Marke: Falco Sollevatori Falco Sollevatori

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    The Jack Pad from Falco Sollevatori is used for lifting a Tesla model 3, S, Y & X and is suitable for garage jacks and car lifts.
    The jack pad set protects the car battery or chassis from damage and can provide perfect protection.
    The jack point pad is made of durable black rubber. Sturdy and durable, securely fits into lifting points of the car.
    The connection design solves the problem that the adapter is easy to fall out of the lifting point. There is a rubber ring on the top of each jack pad to keep the adapter in the hole when it is inserted.
    Include a set of 4 lifting pads.

    • Material = rubber
    • Diameter = 76mm
    • Diameter pick-up point = 25mm

    Produkt Abmessungen:
    Produkt Länge 80 mm
    Produkt Breite 80 mm
    Produkt Höhe 50 mm
    Produktgewicht 0,65 Kg
    Abmessungen der Verpackung:
    Paket Länge 150 mm
    Breite des Pakets 110 mm
    Paket Höhe 100 mm
    Gewicht des Pakets 0,68 Kg

    • Set of 4pcs
    • Suiteable for all lift’s and jack’s
    • Incl 0-ring for optimal connection
    • Prevents damage on the vehicle and the battery
    • No adjustments needed to lift vehicle