Zwei Saulen Hebebuhne 4000kg 230V Classic

Hebebühnen / Zwei Säulen Hebebühnen Marke: Falco Sollevatori Falco Sollevatori

Produkt-Code: VL35F230B

EAN: 8720028070442

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  • Spannung
  • Hubkapazität
  • Teleskoparm kurz
  • Teleskoparm lang
  • Motorleistung
  • Olie Typ
  • Hubhöhe min.
  • Hubhöhe max.
  • Höhe der Säulen
  • Lichte Weite

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Zwei Säulen Hebebühne

Thanks to the thoughtful design of Falco lifts, you save time and effort. The focus is on ease of use and efficient work flow. The different models are developed for various applications. 

The "Classic" model is a very and succesful and reliable model. Due to its simple but sturdy structure, the lift has no weak superfluous components and is extremely durable. Thanks to the new manual sync lock system, the lift can easily be unlocked on both sides with just one action.


  • double telescopic extendable lifting arms

  • sync lock system

  • good quality hydraulic pump

  • in height adjustable lifting pads

  • automatic support arm locking

  • fully automatic electric detent

  • protective rubbers door stop

  • foot protection at every lifting arm

  • protective caps on the inside of the columns

  • robust columns manufactured from rolled steel

  • hydraulic cylinder on both sides

  • extreme low threshold of 45mm

  • dead mans switch for lifting and lowering

  • automatic protection against overcharge

  • height limit switch

  • 12 heavy M18 security bolts

All of Falco's car lifts comply with the NEN-EN1493 safety standard and are supplied with a Dutch manual including maintenance protocol and CE certificate 2006/42/EC.

Produkt Abmessungen:
Produkt Länge 3.440 mm
Produkt Breite 700 mm
Produkt Höhe 2.850 mm
Produktgewicht 610,0 Kg
Abmessungen der Verpackung:
Paket Länge 3.000 mm
Breite des Pakets 470 mm
Paket Höhe 830 mm
Gewicht des Pakets 650,00 Kg
Package Type:
1 Pcs

  • Sync lock system

  • Capacity of 4000kg

  • Extremely low threshold of 45mm

  • 12x heavy M18 locking bolts


Spannung 230V - 1 Fase
Hubkapazität 4000 kg
Teleskoparm kurz 600 - 870 mm
Teleskoparm lang 840 - 1320 mm
Motorleistung 2.2 kW
Olie Typ CH32
Hubhöhe min. 95 mm
Hubhöhe max. 2000 mm
Höhe der Säulen 2850 mm
Lichte Weite 2815 mm