Plasma cutter 50A

Brand: Soldatech

Product Code: PL50HG

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  • Voltage
  • Frequency
  • Circuit breaker
  • Input power
  • Duty cycle @20C
  • Duty cycle @40C
  • Protection class
  • Max. cutting thickness
  • Air consumption
  • Cutting current range
  • Max. unloaded voltage

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Plasma cutter / plasma cutting machine

This Soldatech powered by HG plasma cutter cuts various materials with high-quality results. The PL50HG is a compact, powerful and easy to operate plasma cutter equipped with Pilot ARC pre-ignition. This in combination with the HF ignition makes this cutter very easy to ignite and it is capable of cutting through rusted, coated or structured material up to 20mm without any difficulty.

The PL50HG has a user-friendly control panel and can even be adjusted during cutting work to achieve the best cutting result.

The modern IGBT inverter technology not only ensures that the PL50HG delivers long-lasting performance with more power, but it also makes the welder lightweight and portable. Overload protection in combination with a built-in fan prevents overheating and ensures that high-quality welding performance is guaranteed for a long time.

Ideal for cutting low alloy steel, stainless steel and aluminum alloys.

Each PL50HG comes standard with:

  • Soldatech PL80M5 plasma torch with 5m cable

  • Welding ground clamp with 2m 16mm² cable

  • Gas line of 4m with hose clamps

  • Neoprene power cable 2m 3x2.5mm²
  • European dinse couplers 9mm

Technical specifications:

  • voltage = 230V - 1 phase

  • frequency = 50/60Hz

  • circuit breaker = 16A C-kar

  • input power = 7.6kVA

  • duty cycle (at 20°C ambient temperature) = 60% - 50A

  • duty cycle (at 40°C ambient temperature) = 20% - 50A

  • welding current range = 15 - 50A

  • max. unloaded voltage = 293V

  • max. cutting thickness = 20mm

  • air consumption = 220L/min

  • protection class = IP21S

  • dimensions = 459 x 200 x 338mm

  • weight = 11kg

Product Dimensions:
Product Length 459 mm
Product Width 200 mm
Product Height 338 mm
Product Weight 11.0 Kg
Package Dimensions:
Package Length 525 mm
Package Width 305 mm
Package Height 420 mm
Package Weight 17.20 Kg

  • IGBT invertor technology

  • Infinitely adjustable

  • Pilot ARC ignition

  • ABS shock resistant housing

  • 5 years warranty


Voltage 230V - 1 Phase
Frequency 50/60Hz
Circuit breaker 20A C-char
Input power 7.6kVA
Duty cycle @20C 60% - 50A
Duty cycle @40C 20% - 50A
Protection class IP21S
Max. cutting thickness 20mm
Air consumption 220L/min
Cutting current range 15 - 50A
Max. unloaded voltage 293V