Installation on location

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    No time for installation?

    Our professional installation team is specialized in the installation of Falco lifts!

    Your bridge will be installed in a correct way.
    The team thinks along with you about the position and placement of the lift.

    For the above price is our installation team within a radius of 100km on site including 3 hours of labor for installation.

    For the extended activities which are not included, there will be a hourly rate of € 75,00 excl. VAT.
    For distances beyond the radius of 100km, we will charge 1,00 euro per kilometer.

    The surface must at least meet the following requirements:
    - concrete strength C20 - C25 250kg/com
    - 200mm thickness
    - newly poured concrete needs to cure for 28 days
    Ask for the manual for more information about the surface requirements.

    Transport of the lift is not included and depends on the unloading facilities.
    Consult us first to make a suitable appointment for this.

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