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Air conditioning service machine HFO1234YF [ACVA500HFO] Air conditioning service machine HFO1234YF
mm mm mm Kg

air conditioning service machine / diagnosis station / service unit / air conditioning filling station / automotive air conditioner service station

Compact, economic, and modern model ACVA500HFO from Ecotechnics is a solid and very user-friendly air conditioning filling station which is suitable for HFO refrigerants.
The operation of the service unit allows you to completely avoid the typical "emissions" (dispersion) of refrigerant gas into the environment, which is released at the end of a normal refueling of the car's cooling system, when the charging hoses are removed from this system.
The machine recovers almost 100% of the refrigerant and checks the air conditioning system for leaks. Diagnosis station equipment automatic leak testing system: check for leaks during the vacuum phase. If leaks are found, it interrupts operation and gives an alarm.
Air conditioning filling station equipped with hermetic cartridges offer the advantage of eliminating contact between the humidity naturally present in ambient air and the oil or dye, which are hydroscopic substances (that is, substances that easily absorb humidity).
Oil management both with standard refillable containers and with hermetic cartridges.
The machine has a fully automatic mode and can be put into manual mode in cases of diagnosis, where each phase can be performed one by one.
Thanks to its extremely compact size, the ACVA500 HFO is very suitable for use in mobile workshops, work buses etc.

The machine is equipped with:

  • Freon charging transfer kit
  • 3m hose package with quick couplings
  • Integrated Data Base Car-Truck-Agri
  • Integrated vacuum pump 51 lt/min
  • Thermal Printer for a complete detailed report.


  • Fully automatic service
  • Electronic oil scale
  • il type change function
  • Refillable standard containers for oil and dye
  • Automatic Leak Testing
  • Energy-saving with 12-volt solenoid valve technology
  • C.A.R.Method
  • Ventilated
  • Refillable standard containers
  • Made in Italy

Technical specifications:

  • Voltage = 220-240V 50/60 Hz
  • Type of refrigerant = HFO1234YF
  • Service valves = Manual
  • Non condensable gas purge = Manual
  • Hoses = 3 m
  • Capacity vacuum pump = 51 L/min
  • Vacuum level = 0.2 Mbar
  • Sealed compressor = 1/3 HP
  • Recovery speed = 300 g/min in liquid phase
  • Tank Scale resolution = 10 g
  • Working temperature range = 11/49°C
  • Filter system = 1 filter for humidity
  • Refrigerant tank = 12 liters refillable
Tools / Automotive / Air conditioning technology / Air conditioning filling stations Ecotechnics ACVA500HFO 8720028105793
€ 2,994.75 Incl. VAT
€ 2,994.75 2994.75 EUR
Rubber pad 120mm ATH Heinl Hofmann Falco [RP1201101F] Rubber pad 120mm ATH Heinl Hofmann Falco
mm mm mm Kg

Rubber pad / rubber support pad

Suitable for ATH Heinl, Hofmann and Falco lifts.

- dimensions = 120 x 120 x 19mm
- inner diameter = 104mm

Lifts / Rubber lift pads Falco Sollevatori RP1201101F 8720028074235
€ 10.89 Incl. VAT
€ 10.89 10.89 EUR
Pallet truck 1000kg 115cm extra low [PT10L115L] Pallet truck 1000kg 115cm extra low
mm mm mm Kg

Pallet truck 1000kg 115cm extra low by Mammuth

Pallet truck 1000kg 115cm extra low

This Pallet truck from Mammuth has an extra low minimum lifting height of only 35mm wich makes this pallet truck ideal for stone pallets and other applications where clearance is limited. Meanwhile, the maximum lifting height of 100mm and 1150 mm fork length ensure that you can move your load from one place to another with ease.

With tandem front rollers, this pallet truck is easy to maneuver and can handle turns and corners with ease. The steel hydraulic pump and polyurethane wheels ensure that this pallet truck is both durable and easy to use.

Logistics / Pallet jacks / Hand pallet trucks Mammuth PT10L115L 8720028108091
€ 598.95 Incl. VAT
€ 598.95 598.95 EUR
Four post lift 4000kg 4,8m alignment 3m drive width Cascos [13380] Four post lift 4000kg 4,8m alignment 3m drive width Cascos
mm mm mm Kg

Four pole lift / alignment lift / four column lift / service lift / car lift / runway lift

Cascos car lifts are from 100% European production. Cascos has more than 50 years of experience in vehicle lifts, which results in a very reliable and extremely strong end product.
At Cascos lifts, three key words are central, namely: Reliability, functionality and safety.

The robust construction of the lifts and the high quality of the components ensure high reliabilty and low maintenance costs.
With a very low minimum ramp height and a maximum lifting height of 2000mm, these lifts are very versatile and suitable for cars, buses and 4x4 vehicles.
The lifts are equipped with a safety indicator and have both a mechanical and a pneumatic protection.

Furthermore, the Cascos four pole lifts have a number of very thoughtful features:

  • Double T-profiles: Runways reinforced with double T-welded steel beams. These are virtually impossible to deform, withstand the load better over time and ensure that the runway is perfectly flat, ideal for very precise work.

  • Extra safety: Cascos gives priority to safety above all and has developed a double safety system for all columns, namely:
    Mechanical safety: by means of a safety bar.
    Pneumatic safety: by means of safety ladders.

  • Leveling alarm: Cascos lifts have an indicator light that warns if the runways are poorly leveled and ensures that the cylinder works in perfect conditions, which ensures a longer service life.

  • Hydraulic cylinders: One by one produced and tested in the factory.

  • Convenience and efficiency:
    Manual lowering valves to lower the lift in event of a power failure or malfunction.
    Adjustable lifting timer that can speed up the lowering, depending on the load volume.

  • Thermal protection: Electric motors have thermal protection against overheating.

  • For Cascos four post lifts, less installation space is required and a larger working surface is available, which makes the lift unique in its kind.

This alignment model four column lift has a capacity of 4 tons and has the following features:

  • Long alignment runways of 4,8 meters long and 630mm wide.

  • A drive width / distance between the columns of no less than 3 meters. This makes the lift very suitable for alignment and ensures an ideal working space at the vehicle.

  • Wide runways of 630mm, suitable for working with wider tires.

  • With a minimum ramp height of only 180mm, this lift is the lowest alignment lift on the market. Due to the low ramp height the ramps are shorter, making the lift suitable for low vehicles, such as sports cars.


  • capacity = 4000kg

  • voltage = 230-400V / 3 phase

  • motor power = 3kW

  • minimum drive height = 180mm

  • maximum lifting height = 2000mm

  • length of the runways = 4800mm

  • width of the runways = 630mm

  • distance between the runways = 740 - 990mm

  • drive width / distance between the columns = 3000mm

  • height of the columns = 2410mm

  • lifting time = 40 seconds

  • electro-hydraulic

Note: The price for this lift does not include the delivery and placement of the lift. Extended guarantees only apply in combination with a Spoods installation / mainenance contract. For more information, contact one of our employees.
The presence of a forklift truck is necessary to unload the lift!

Lifts / Four post lifts Cascos 13380 8720028091065
€ 8,470.00 Incl. VAT
€ 8,470.00 8470.0 EUR
Sanding paper 6'' P120 velcro with holes 5pcs [P150VELH120] Sanding paper 6'' P120 velcro with holes 5pcs
mm mm mm Kg

Sanding paper 6'' P120 velcro with holes 5pcs

Compressors and accessories / Air tools / Sand- and polishing equipment / Sanding paper / Sanding papers 150mm ZionAir P150VELH120 8720028043187
€ 2.42 Incl. VAT
€ 2.42 2.42 EUR
Anchor galvanised 600kg [SAB0600] Anchor galvanised 600kg
mm mm mm Kg

- galvanised
- weight = 600kg

Marine equipment and watersports / Anchors Valkenpower SAB0600 8720028058730
€ 2,541.00 Incl. VAT
€ 2,541.00 2541.0 EUR
Cylinder 50 ton stroke 50mm [MC5050] Cylinder 50 ton stroke 50mm
mm mm mm Kg

Hydraulic cylinder

It has the characteristic of a low collapsed height. If the requirement of stroke needs to be higher, the ZFL cylinders are recommended.
The surface of principle axis is finished with chrome plate.
Plunger has the function of retracting automatically.

  • output = 50 ton

  • stroke = 50mm

  • effective area = 56,7cm^2

  • oil capacity = 0,354 L

  • height of product = 104mm

  • extended height = 154mm

  • outside diameter = 128mm

  • bore diameter = 95mm

  • plunger diameter = 65mm

  • thread for input oil port (ZG) = 3/8" - 19

  • saddle protrusion form plgr = 2mm

  • saddle is removable

  • max. pressure = 700bar

Lifting and hoisting tools / Hydraulic tools / Cylinders Mammuth MC5050 8720028050161
€ 145.20 Incl. VAT
€ 145.20 145.20000000000002 EUR
Winch hook 5/16'' [HK0516] Winch hook 5/16''
mm mm mm Kg

Winch hook with latch

- total length = 114mm
- thickness pin = 6mm

Not for lifting!

4x4 / Winches / Accessories Torso HK0516 8720028063185
€ 4.24 Incl. VAT
€ 4.24 4.24 EUR
Pulley diameter 60mm hole 20mm type B double [PB06020D] Pulley diameter 60mm hole 20mm type B double
mm mm mm Kg

Pulley type B double

- diameter = 60mm
- hole = 20mm
- belt width = 4,5mm / 12mm
- material = steel

Electrical and accessories / Electric motors / Pulleys / Pulleys type B double Fluxon PB06020D 8720028061662
€ 15.13 Incl. VAT
€ 15.13 15.13 EUR
Anchor galvanised 20kg [SAG0020] Anchor galvanised 20kg
mm mm mm Kg


- galvanised

- weight = 20kg

Marine equipment and watersports / Anchors Valkenpower SAG0020 8720028063451
€ 133.10 Incl. VAT
€ 133.10 133.1 EUR
Hydraulic hand pump 700 bar 2000ml [CP700B] Hydraulic hand pump 700 bar 2000ml
mm mm mm Kg

Hydraulic hand pump

Hydraulic operated pump to drive crimping head, cutting heads and punching head. Including 2M high pressure hose and couple plug.

- max. output pressure: low pressure = 20 bar / 2MPa
high pressure = 700 bar / 70MPa
- output of the oil: low pressure = 13cc / 13ml
high pressure = 2.3cc / 2.3ml
- capacity of the oil = 2000ml

Lifting and hoisting tools / Hydraulic tools / Hand and footpump Mammuth CP700B 8720028080427
€ 278.30 Incl. VAT
€ 278.30 278.3 EUR
Car ramp aluminium 500kg [CR18K10] Car ramp aluminium 500kg
mm mm mm Kg

Car ramp aluminium

- length = 200cm
- width = 35cm
- thickness / height = 70mm
- capacity = 500kg a piece / 1000kg a set

Price a piece

4x4 / Ramps Torso CR18K10 8720028080311
€ 102.85 Incl. VAT
€ 102.85 102.85000000000001 EUR
Winch hook 3/8'' [HK3080] Winch hook 3/8''
mm mm mm Kg

Winch hook with latch

- total length = 130mm
- thickness pin = 7mm
- capacity = 9 ton

Not for lifting!

4x4 / Winches / Accessories Torso HK3080 8720028063178
€ 6.05 Incl. VAT
€ 6.05 6.05 EUR
Fixed castor 260 x 82mm massive rubber [WHT10RFM] Fixed castor 260 x 82mm massive rubber
mm mm mm Kg

Fixed caster

  • wheel size = 260 x 82mm

  • capacity = 110kg

  • plate size = 100 x 115mm

  • total height = 300mm

  • bolt holes core to core = 85 x 72mm

  • dimensions bolt hole = 18 x 10mm

  • material = massive rubber

Logistics / Wheels / fixed wheels Mammuth WHT10RFM 8720028069866
€ 21.18 Incl. VAT
€ 21.18 21.18 EUR
LED light bar 120W [LB120VB12E] LED light bar 120W
mm mm mm Kg

LED light bar

This Fluxon LED spotlight has an "E" mark. This means that this light has been approved, on the basis of European regulations, to be carried on a vehicle. Light with an "E" quality mark may therefore be used on public roads.
However, spotlights with an "E" quality mark may only be used outside the urban area. It is also not allowed to use high beam within the urban area. Therefore it is mandatory to connect this light separately from the normal light and make it possible to switch it on and off.

- nominal voltage = 12 / 24V
- current draw (12/24V) = 7,1 / 3,5A
- nominal power = 120W
- raw lumens = 9600Lm
- color temperature = 6000K
- protection grade = IP67

- Including mounting kit.

Electrical and accessories / Lighting / LED floodlight / LED offroad lights Fluxon LB120VB12E 8720028019731
€ 114.95 Incl. VAT
€ 114.95 114.95 EUR
Cone set for big rims (Iveco) 40mm [SBM40CB] Cone set for big rims (Iveco) 40mm
mm mm mm Kg

Cone set

- suited for big rims (Iveco)
- for machines with 40mm axle
- 2 pieces

Shop equipment / tyre service / Tyre balancer accessories Trainsway SBM40CB 8720028073115
€ 102.85 Incl. VAT
€ 102.85 102.85000000000001 EUR
Tool chest 7 drawers blue [TB30OB] Tool chest 7 drawers blue
mm mm mm Kg

Tool chest

This blue tool chest has ball bearing slides. There are 2x 125mm castors and 2x 125mm fixed wheels. Amongst others, Seneca Tools inlay trays fit perfect in this tool chest.

- total sizes excl. castors = 688 x 458 x 735mm
- total sizes incl. castors = 688 x 458 x 885mm
- 2 drawers = 589 x 411 x 48mm
- 2 drawers = 589 x 411 x 80mm
- 2 drawers = 589 x 411 x 100mm
- 1 drawer = 589 x 411 x 150

- capacity per drawer = 30kg

Shop equipment / Handtools / Tool trolleys and chests / Tool trolleys empty TOOLBOX4YOU TB30OB 8720028048731
€ 350.90 Incl. VAT
€ 350.90 350.90000000000003 EUR
Solenoid 24V flange [SO24FL] Solenoid 24V flange
mm mm mm Kg

Solenoid 24V flange cummins

Electrical and accessories / Electric equipment and material / Solenoid and relay Fluxon SO24FL 8720028018451
€ 48.40 Incl. VAT
€ 48.40 48.4 EUR
Tyre lube black 5L [BV05LZ] Tyre lube black 5L
mm mm mm Kg

Tyre lube black 5L

Shop equipment / tyre service / Tyre grease and miscellaneous Trainsway BV05LZ 8720028000364
€ 18.15 Incl. VAT
€ 18.15 18.150000000000002 EUR
Loose wheel 200 x 100mm PU [WSHT08P] Loose wheel 200 x 100mm PU
mm mm mm Kg

Loose wheel

  • wheel size = 200 x 100mm

  • capacity = 1200kg

  • axle size = 30mm

  • material = PU

Logistics / Wheels / Loose wheels Mammuth WSHT08P 8720028069613
€ 72.60 Incl. VAT
€ 72.60 72.60000000000001 EUR